Stay Foolish....

Life is enjoyed only by heros. Take all responsibilities on your shoulder.---Swami Vivekanand My Inspiration Once a while i was strolling on the streets of kota,
India with one of my friend.It was a cold night. As i walked,I saw a little girl just besides the road washing dishes. She was poor. Out of little disappointment,
thinking in mind why is she doing it, Is this her work,her duty? I shouted at her "Tell your mother to do it all, why the hell you are doing it all.
I think it's your mother's work?" She looked towards me, I could notice her deep,mesmerizing & mysterious eyes. She said nothing. Her silence was inflicting.
As i was walking so soon I surpassed her but when I looked back & to my surprise, she had again resumed her work(washing dishes). I was moved by the
Incident. Whenever I feel exhausted I recall that incident & I am reminded of the fact that we can't escape from our duties.One or the other day we have
to take the responsibility to our shoulders. The little girl might have been just lending hand to her parents at such tender age. How beautiful!