Stay Foolish....

The infinite world! This world offers infinite outcomes. Infinite possibilities. But certainly our presence on this world is limited.
Let us do what our heart really urges us to,let's take the first small step to the new beginning. Do not allow those things that
matter the most in your life be at the mercy of activities that matter the least.. Let's make every moment of our life count.
Let's really breathe,interact with nature. Heal ourselves.Imagine youself lying on the lap of the mother. Whisper your fears,
guilts,pain and let the mother Earth relieve the pain through stillness,rattling. Let the your windows open to recieve the sunshine
today. Believe in this universe. All the unknown,undiscovered forces are trying to whisper something to you. Mother nature never
promised money but happiness to all. Do not be slave of your past, let the divine within you be appreciated. Love yourself.
Forgive others who hurt you but first forgive yourself. Forgiving oneself is a selfish act which brings peace to one's life. And at
last this life is full of optimism...............