Stay Foolish....

The person who spends all of his or her time & is not hard-working;
he or she is boring.
So, get off your butt & start working for your dreams.....!!!!!

Here is a list of things one might consider to do -

*Read 'the monk who sold his ferrari' by Robin Sharma.
*Listen to Commencement Address at Stanford University 2005 by Steve Jobs.
*Listen to Commencement Address at Harward University 2008 by J.K.Rowling
*Read The Bhagvad Gita-the ultimate source of wisdom.
*Above all if you find your life a big mess( a burden to go through happily) read about following ;

# Acid attack victims
# Rape victims
# AIDS patients

Above all this, read other good books &
change your habits that may be hindering you to accomplish your dreams....!!!!